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Mike has worked with Micronesians living abroad, especially in the Washington and Oregon region. MaryAnn is an accomplished story-teller and avid gardner.


Mike Terpstra & MaryAnn Stirling Terpstra


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Sociocyberforum began when I started to solicit colleagues interested in joining a dialogue focused on Niklas Luhmann.   During the pursuit of a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems I was introduced to Luhmann and his theory of Social Systems.  His theoretical works were new in Europe and nearly unknown in the USA.  By developing an Internet web presence, I sought colleagues familiar with Luhmann who were willing to help me grow beyond my dissertation. During February, 1999, after several initial attempts with Web Sites, Web Discussion Groups, and Group Networks, I launched an English language mailing list to spread the word about Luhmann.  A similar group is the popular German language Luhmann mail group.  The Sociocyberforum list was originally call Jottings on Luhmann after a comment by one of the original members. Today the English language discussion list has expanded in scope and size to include over seven hundred members from all over the world and with a broad interest in the entire field of Sociocybernetics. The list is now owned by the Research Committee on Sociocybernetics. The Research Committee 51 (RC51) of the International Sociological Association (ISA) is one of the more than fifty Research Committees which, along with a large number of national sociological associations, constitute the ISA. Join the list by e-mailing sociocybernetics-subscribe@yahoogroups.com visit the Research Committee at: RC51: Research Committee on Sociocybernetics