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  Storytelling as Narrative

Telling Tales

Do you want to hold an audience spellbound with your favorite story? MaryAnn started to perfect her story-telling skill at one of Mike's workshops with Master Storyteller Christopher Leebrick.

Mr Leebrick's repertoire includes stories from a variety of cultures, including African and Native American stories, and tales of Oregon and the old West. He believes that "storytelling is the original form of theatre and possibly the world's oldest art form.  The need to hear and to tell stories is inherent to who we are, and it though the power of story that we can grow in our understanding of what it means to be human."


My stories right now are almost exclusively "telling the Scripture" - making Bible passages into real life adventures. I hope to expand into folktales. One of the most exciting opportunities to stretch my skills was a re-telling of the true story of a Titanic survivor written by Grant Edwards. Attached here are a few of the stories I have written and told. The music series was actually done in one service with band performances by Bahttsi in between each one. - MaryAnn

                                               Sample of MaryAnn's Stories
   Burning Bush  
   David Celebrates  
  What Night with Carols  



MaryAnn began learning storytelling skills from Christopher Leebrick when Mike contacted him to provide a workshop for Sunday School teachers. He is a professional actor as well as a tale-teller, not to mention a captivating teacher. He has travelled widely as a performer but makes his home in West Linn, OR. 


Leebrick our Mentor
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